USA v Russia: Did USA Bomb Ndigbo during Biafra War?

There is a war in Europe. Russia has invaded Ukraine. A situation Europeans never imagined was possible again after the end of the Second World War. But it’s happening. 

The war between Russia and Ukraine, in effect, is a proxy war between the USA and Russia. 

Ukraine is the pawn on the chess board, while the other pieces on the chess board are the European Union (EU).

Nonetheless, this war has raised some issues such as Racism, Hypocrisy, Colonialism, Slavery, etc. These issues have stimulated opinions.

Now, President Putin stated that Russia is in Ukraine to “demilitarize and denazify Ukraine”. Putin accused Ukraine of racism and Nazism.

As if to legitimatize Putin’s assertion, African students fleeing the war in Ukraine have narrated the racial discrimination they faced at the hands of Ukraine’s security personnel. The truth is that Russia and Ukraine don’t like Africans. They swim in racism.

Moreover, it is in the DNA of Russia to invade and occupy its neighbors. Listed below are the countries that Russia has invaded and settled in their history under the Soviet Union.

Poland (1939-1956), Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) (1940-1991), Finnish (Finland) territories (1940), Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina (1940), Iran (1941-1946)

Hungary (1944), Romania (1944), Bulgaria (1944), Czechoslovakia (1944), Northern Norway (1944-1946), and Bornholm, Denmark (1945-1946).

Germany (1945), Austria (1945-1955), Manchuria (1945-1946), Korea (1945-1948), Kuril Islands (1945), Afghanistan (1979-1989), etc

In fact, Russia’s aggression towards its neighbours is why they are joining NATO, ostensibly, for protection. And because of Russia’s history of aggression, NATO is ready to admit and protect them. History does not forget.

Thus, I challenge the people, especially Ndigbo, who support President Putin’s aggression while accusing the USA of hypocrisy to list all the countries that America invaded and annexed in their history for comparison.

By the way, USSR in collaboration with Britain invaded and occupied Iran (1941-1946). The reason they gave was to protect Iran’s oil fields for the free flow of crude oil. That was the same reason Russia conspired with Britain to bomb Ndigbo during the Biafra War.

Russian MIG bombed and massacred Igbo children, women, young and old the way they are massacring Ukraine’s children today.

Russia under the USSR participated actively in committing genocide against the Igbo people during the Biafra War. In 2019 while holding a bilateral meeting with Putin, insensitive General Buhari told Putin that “Nigeria will never forget Russia’s assistance during the civil war”.

Thereby reminding Igbo people how Russia helped Nigeria massacre Igbo people. Have you ever heard that America bombed Igbo land during the Biafran War?

So, in a war between the USA and Russia, where would the Igbo People (Ndigbo) stand? In support of Russia that joined in the annihilation of Igbo people or stand with the USA that never threw a stone at us during the Biafra war?

Furthermore, in their support of Putin, some Igbo people highlighted that Russia never colonized or enslaved Africans. That’s true. But when Western Europeans were colonising Africa Russia was colonizing Eastern Europeans.

Actually, Ndigbo is like the USA. They are democratic, love freedom, highly competitive, and as the case may be, have been accused of dominating others.

Therefore, if you are an Igbo person who prefers Russia to America, your hate shouldn’t end on social media. Advise your relatives who live and work in America, and probably send a few dollars to you, to relocate to Russia and start earning Ruble.

Igbo people are always in haste to forget history. This is why they’ve started investing heavily again in northern Nigeria notwithstanding that they lost everything they had in the North during the Biafra war.

Today they are in love with Russia who massacred Ndigbo during the Biafra war. May Chukwu Okike Abiama (God) help some Igbo people (Ndigbo) to liberate their minds.


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