Prostate Gland Enlargement: What To Do

Every man is born with a prostate gland. And the gland enlarges as the man gets older. This is normal. However, every prostate gland enlarges differently in every man.

Some enlarged prostate glands may be benign (no cancer), others may become cancerous (cancer). The symptoms are the same, whether they are benign, or cancerous. Therefore, you cannot rely on another man’s diagnosis to treat yours.

Once you notice the symptoms, the first thing is to go for a blood test to check your PSA level. You will also do a urine test to ensure that you don’t have infections. Infections can equally cause prostate gland enlargement.

If you have an infection, it must be treated, and then, you repeat the PSA blood test. A PSA level over 4.0 requires further checks. You go for an MRI scan to determine if the enlargement is cancerous.

If the scan is not clear, you will go for a biopsy. A needle will be inserted to extract a bit of the prostate gland for clinical analysis. If the biopsy shows that the gland is cancerous, it will be treated (surgery, chemotherapy, etc.).

You are a free man if the biopsy shows that the prostate gland is not cancerous. Then you need a medicine like Tamsulosin, which relaxes “the muscles in the prostate and bladder so that urine can flow easily.”

You DO NOT need another medicine to shrink the prostate gland. I have heard people drink all sorts of medicine (prostate defense, etc.) to shrink their prostate gland. If your prostate gland is not cancerous, you just drink Tamsulosin. Avoid alcohol, sugar, and fizzy drinks (Coke, Fanta, even malt drinks). 

Poor diet, dehydration (not drinking enough water) inadequate sleep, will worsen your prostate issues. Exercising is a MUST. In fact, exercising is the only thing that will ‘shrink’ the prostate gland. If you lose weight every organ in your body will function well, including your prostate gland.

I am better positioned to give this advice because I have had prostate issues. Mine was cancerous.  Even when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was placed under observation for 3 years before I had the operation.

The reason for the wait, according to my Consultant Urologist, was that some prostate cancers are not aggressive. That is, they don’t spread too quickly. They observed my prostate cancer to see if it would spread. During this period, I was having a PSA blood test every 3 months and a biopsy every year.

Note, during this 3-year observation period, no medicine was prescribed for me except Tamsulosin capsules to ease my urine flow. 

However, after 3 years, test results showed that my prostate cancer had started showing signs of spreading out of the gland. At this point, I was operated on to remove the prostate gland, which was cancerous. 

Since then, I have not taken any other medicine. I have stuck to the routine lifestyle given to me by my Consultant. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. I drink minimal or no Alcohol, no Sugar, no Meat (red or white). I drink enough water, good diet (no junk food), and no fizzy drinks (Coke, Fanta, etc.).

Finally, if you have enlarged prostate gland symptoms, get yourself tested. Avoid self-medication. Don’t rely on your friends’ diagnosis. Prostate gland enlargement behaves differently in every man. And hence, everyone should go for his own diagnosis, which may be different from your friend’s.

Overall, I feel healthy and good, because I follow the rules to remain healthy, and alive. You, also, will remain healthy, and alive if you follow the rules.

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