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Dressed To Kill: Who Do You Have In Mind?

Dressed to Kill by Wallis - campaign Often you hear some people say; I have to dress to look good, perhaps in preparatory for attending a gathering. Hence, they embark on a spending spree.  Some will buy new shoes, garments, jewelry, make-up, new underwear, etc.; others will endure another round of pains in adorning new tattoos on their bodies. Even some will buy brand new cars; all in the name of looking good.

From Obama to Buhari: you are doing a good job; what good job?

The duties of a country’s foreign mission (embassy) includes spying on its host country, albeit covertly. That is what the leaks by Wiki-Leaks suggest. And the most culpable of this clandestine move is every US Embassy.

The curse of death on Governor Nasir el-Rufai and the right to freedom of worship in Nigeria

Some few years ago I stayed the night at my sister-in-law’s house in Lagos, Nigeria, while travelling to London, UK. At about 4.30 am, I heard a voice from a loudspeaker/public address system screaming fire-fire-fire. I jumped out of the bed and alerted my hosts in my own loud agitated screaming that there was fire in the neighbourhood.