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Niger Delta to President Buhari: it’s your turn to rule and our turn to bomb

Nigeria as a country is a puzzle. Since 1914 when the British colonialists coupled the different tribes and nations to form Nigeria, solving the puzzle is growing more tedious than envisaged.

Why there is no love in the world

All religious organisations preach love. Call it Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam etc; they all have at least a quote in their holy books that acknowledges love.

Did Occult Powers help Leicester City win the English Premier League (EPL)?

Leicester City FC Captain being blessed by a Buddhist Monk 
Leicester City FC has won the 2016 English Premier League (EPL) title. At the start of the season the odds of them winning the league was 5000/1. That is; £1 bet would fetch £5,000. Nobody gave them a chance because they merely survived relegation the previous season.