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Does Money Talk?

While on a visit to Johannesburg, South Africa to see a friend who transacts at Sandton city; a big argument was going on over who has more money than the other as I walked into his office. My presence kind of punctured the argument resulting to the other party leaving the premises. My host then turned to me and asked; does money talk?

Donald Trump: the President-elect that did everything to Lose

“My read is that he has learned something he didn't know before. It's a tentative hand position," Ms Wood said. “Trump holds his own hands as he begins speaking which is an indication he needs to comfort himself.” 

Generally, politicians play the human factor during election campaigns. They embrace diversity in order to win an election or get re-elected. They fake humility, hobnob with the rich, the poor, the vulnerable, etc.

Nigeria’s Airports’ Officials: The Pretenders; The Troublesome; The Beggars

Travelling to a new country is usually an experience worth savouring. The anxiety of not knowing what to expect from airport officials, especially when you are travelling on a Nigerian passport, adds flavour to your expectations.