Hell Is Earth, Heaven Is Death

Divide And Rule, Igbo vs. Yoruba: Obi vs. Tinubu = Hausa/Fulani Strategy For The 2023 Presidential Election

Divide and rule is “a way of keeping yourself in a position of power by causing disagreements among other people so that they are unable to oppose you.” – Cambridge dictionary.

Britain perfected the act of divide and rule during slavery and colonialism. 

They sowed discord among families who would later sell their perceived enemies into slavery.  

They imposed Christianity on Africans by creating disharmony among traditional worshipers.

Peter Obi: “Are You the One [Messiah] Who Is to Come, or Should We Look for Another?” Matthew 11:3

According to the Jewish mythology, Elijah would come to restore things before the coming of the messiah. 

And so, Jewish people have remained vigilant for the signs of the coming of their messiah.

Thus, when the Jews noticed the activities of John the Baptist, they sent some priests and Levites to ask him, are you Elijah? John replied, No. Are you the prophet, John said No. Then, who are you?

IGBO KWENU - By Taiwo Olanegan

Self-determination of Biafra is legitimate and achievable. However, nations no longer get divided with bombs. Nowadays, they are split with a biro or crayon.

Therefore, barbarous, or murderous state agitators and gangs won't get invited to a UN negotiation table. But are tried, convicted, and jailed. You want to achieve Biafra. It is an easy math. But not by decapitating heads.