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Why Slavery and Colonialism were the purpose of Christianity

Tutankhamun (1336 BC - 1327 BC)
While disagreeing with my article titled; Slavery and Colonialism: the purpose of Christianity, a commentator pointed out that ‘Christianity existed way before British/American slave owners used it for their own twisted advantages.’ 
He also noted that ‘some of the earliest followers of Christ were Black people. Just because nations that didn't even exist in the days of Christianity's birth used it wrongly doesn't mean that how it (Christianity) was used was its purpose.’ 
Apparently, the commentator and I are of the opinion that the Europeans used Christianity for ‘their own twisted advantage.’

Slavery and Colonialism: The Purpose of Christianity

Ikenga - Igbo Deity
I was born into a Christian family (Methodist) while my secondary education was at a Methodist college. As you can see, I was brought up as a Methodist.

Though my father practised Christianity it was not the religion of his father. My grandfather practised Ome N’ala Igbo (Igbo traditional religion).

Then, why didn’t my father and his generation follow the religion of their fathers? The answer is simply that the British colonialists asked them not to. 

Nigerian Justice System: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

‘Justice delayed is Justice Denied’ is a parlance readily used within the justice system. It simply means that if justice is not delivered at the appropriate time; it may turn out to be an injustice to the injured when it is delivered.

Pres. Buhari: He who pays the piper dictates the tune

Few days to his inauguration, Pres Buhari visited David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, in London. 

During their discussion, Mr Cameron asked Mr Buhari to come with his shopping list while attending the Group 7 industrialised nations (G7) meeting in Germany.

Take away Oil: There won’t be Nigeria

Rauf Aregbesola
Obviously, the geographical area called Nigeria, which was created by the British colonialists, exists because of its vast oil deposits. Take away oil, there won’t be Nigeria.

Abia State: And the Scam Continues

According to Socrates, if good people don't go into politics and govern the population, they will be ruled by charlatans.

Nigerian Politics: Civilian Coup in the National Assembly

Sen. Pres. Saraki
In 2011, Mr Bola Tinubu and his Action Congress political party; connived with some opposition parties to deny Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) the opportunity to ‘elect’ its preferred candidate for the Speaker of House of Representatives.

How To Achieve Marriage Equilibrium = A Happy Home

Let me describe Marriage Equilibrium to be the point where a partner’s endurance meets his/her partner’s annoyance, in their relationship.

Marriage on its own was explained by an IGBO adage as a situation where two strangers agreed to live together and try to ‘manage’ their inadequacies amongst other things.

Muhammadu Buhari: The Imperial President

Pres. Buhari
On the 29th of May, Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as the president of Nigeria. On that day, the President's inaugural speech informed those who could read between the lines that Buhari is going to be an Imperial President.