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Adhering to the doctrine of men: The deaths in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

It was dinner time when I visited the hospital to see my wife and our new born baby. The household staff was serving the mothers their meals when a Jewish woman politely asked; do you have any kosher meal?

If An Ugly Old Man Marries A Beautiful 'Virgin'...

First, let me introduce Mr. Adam Oshomhole, the governor of Edo State of Nigeria. Adam is an ugly 63 years old short man but he is rich. Recently, he married a new Eve who is young enough to be his daughter.

Europe and NATO: The Consequences Of Their Meddling In The Middle East

The picture of the little body of Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian refugee, which washed up on a beach in Turkey made even a ‘Devil’ shed some tears. The boy was just 3 years old; he died in the Mediterranean Sea while fleeing with his family from the murderous war in Syria.