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It’s bissextus: 29th February (leap day)

Every 4 years, February gets additional day to make it 29 days in order to keep calendar seasons synchronised with solar seasons. This added day is bissextus or leap day and the year of the leap day is leap year.

Saudi Arabia’s oil price war: relying on low cost of crude oil production

Saudi Arabia is at war on different fronts. The kingdom is fighting the shale oil and gas producers in North America so as to maintain market share. Saudis are also fighting Iran in order to maintain the dominance of Sunni Islam.

Buhari’s Income and Expenditure Estimates: Budget of Incompetence

Budget literally means estimates of income and expenditure for a given period – usually annually. Budget is not limited to governments and corporations. A budget can aid an individual to live within his/her means.

The adverse side of social media on Children

Recently I attended my son’s school play. Before the play commenced, the head teacher announced: moms and dads; if you take photos and record videos please don’t share them on social media.