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Buhari’s Government Of ‘Repentant’ Terrorists

The criminal justice system assumes that there’s a probability for a first offender to re-offend. 

Hence, criminal records were developed to keep the data of criminals and the types of crimes they committed.

Since a re-offender will likely commit the same type of crime, the Police uses the criminal records system to eliminate suspects in relation to the type of crime they are investigating.

Plutocratic Nigeria Is Failing Even As The Plutocrats Are Indifferent.

“Plutocracy is a government-controlled exclusively by the wealthy, either directly or indirectly. Only the wealthy rules...” - Investopedia Nigeria is an example of a plutocratic system of governance.

In fact, it will be easier for a Camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a poor man to win an election in Nigeria.

Well, Senate President Lawan, one of the Nigerian plutocrats, stated recently that Nigeria didn’t become a failed state under Jonathan, and so, it won’t be failed state under Buhari.

“In every ending there is a new beginning.” - Deborah Harkness:

No matter whatever the mouth says, Oh Lord, you know what the heart means.

Last night (7/4/21) I slept like a baby. And in the morning (8/4/21) I woke up feeling like a newborn. But this man feels like a newborn was born well over 50 years ago. Does that make me a ‘born-again’?

The answer may lie in the knowing that, perhaps, I have never known what living like a baby feels like. I was born an adult baby, and so, I started living like an adult as a baby.