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Muhammed Buhari: The False Start Of Nigeria’s President-Elect

Recently, General Buhari ordered African Independent Television (AIT) not to cover his activities ‘based on security and family concerns’ and other ethical issues that he needs to resolve with the media house.

Un-Africa South Africa: A Personal Encounter As A Kwerekwere

African traditions are intertwined. And so, it is common for Africans all over the world to behave alike. In London for instance, an elderly African, be he a black Caribbean or an American, would expect a younger black African to greet him at first sight.

Biafra War: Ndigbo Have Moved On; Other Ethnic Groups Are Yet To.

I have keenly written about the prejudices, intimidation and marginalisation etc. meted out to Ndigbo since the Biafra war ended. In fact, the manners in which Federal troops massacred Ndigbo during war was similar to the extermination of the Jews (Holocaust).

The Restoration Of The Seer (Mbaka) And His Adoration Chapel

Today is Easter Sunday, the day Christians all over the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And so, we wish our friends and readers all over the world who believe in this festive; a Happy Easter celebration.

When Jonathan’s good left his luck: ‘the baboons didn’t soak in blood’

The Nigeria’s presidential election has been won and lost; President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan has lost his bid for re-election.

The Fools In April

Gary : Neighbour; I was looking for you last night to give you the latest news.  Dom : Oh! I wasn't home; I attended the night vigil and midnight prayer of our church.