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President Buhari: No rule of law; No foreign investors

Since President Buhari was inaugurated as Nigeria's president on 29/May/2015, he has made a total of 17 foreign trips.  According to his aides, the reasons for Buhari’s frivolous travels include; seeking - international assistance in the war against Boko Haram; Foreign direct investment (FDI); reparation of looted wealth by unscrupulous government officials; etc.

After all said and done, the ‘Son Of God’ (Jesus Christ) was a Nigger

Nigger as the 'son of God' - the new face of Jesus Christ   Today being 25th December is Christmas, the day Christians all over the world traditionally celebrate the supposed birth of Jesus Christ – the ‘son of God’. However, the celebration of Christmas has gone from marking the birth of Christ to the expectations of Santa’s gifts.

If Thou Shall Not Judge How Shall Thou Forgive?

President Vladimir Putin of Russia was quoted to have said; "to forgive the terrorists is up to God, but, to send them to Him is up to me". Even though President Putin may not have made that statement, this is one of such online statements that the author remains unproven, but has gone viral.

Muhammadu Sanusi 11 - The Emir of Kano: The Talking Monarch

The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II A few days ago my son screamed – daddy…, before I could respond I heard the same scream (daddy) coming from his iPad. Then I asked him; what was that? He laughed and replied; it’s Talking Tom, it repeats everything anybody says. It can even speak Igbo language – speak to it, he ‘commanded’.

Nigerians waiting for Change: Buhari’s Change, Climate Change or Change to Buhari’s Family

Carbon Emission Perpetually airborne President Buhari has flown into Paris from Malta to join other world leaders for the Conference of Parties 21 (COP21) on climate change – a discussion on how to stop our climate from changing.  Sometimes these ‘animals in human skins’ (apologies to Fela Kuti) will not stop amusing me. Do they need to gather in Paris in order to stop the climate from changing?