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Happy Easter: Jesus died to save the world; do you believe?

There were two fundamental characters in the Jewish mythology – Judaism; Moses and Jesus. The Jews accepted and revered Moses but rejected Jesus. Moses was a lawgiver that gave Jews the Torah – the five books of Moses. And Jesus to them was an imposter that came to destroy the Law of Moses.

Africans and Christianity: The Elephant and the Rope

I believe most people have heard about the story of the Elephant and the rope: here’s the story. A certain man saw an elephant tied with a tiny rope to its front leg.

In Nigeria: the blood of ‘infidels’ is cheaper than the blood of cattle

Fulani people are nomadic/pastoral ethnic group that spread across northern sub-Saharan Africa. Although there are now some settled or ‘town Fulani’ people, majority of them still move around with their herd of cattle, goats and sheep in search of food and buyers for their livestock.

Nigeria and the shortage of US Dollar: the way forward

Foreign Exchange (FOREX) market operates differently from other financial markets. 

In equity market for instance, shares are bought or sold depending on the performance of that company.

If Pastors/Christians Believe They are going to heaven, Why Are They Acquiring Properties On Earth?

According to the Christian bible, Jesus was quoted to have said in John 8:23; "You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world”. True to these words, Jesus lived a modest life. The bible didn’t record anywhere that Jesus married or had children.

OPEC and the benefit that wasn’t there

In 1951 when Iran nationalised its oil industry controlled by BP, an international embargo was placed on the country. But, in order to allow Iran’s oil back to the international market, the U.S State Department suggested that a consortium of major oil companies should be formed.

As 144,000 shall inherit heaven: so shall the meek inherit the earth

According to the culture of the Igbo people (Ndigbo) of West Africa, when a man dies he goes to neither heaven nor hell. He will reincarnate (born-again into the world) to face the good or the bad he perpetrated in his previous life.

Cross border Paedophiles: Kidnap, Islamise and Marry

In the core Northern cities of Nigeria, girls become wives between the ages of 9 and 12 at the least.