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Alcohol + Redbull Energy Drink = System Crash

A Genius seldom sleeps because his brain is constantly active. He seeks some form of tranquiliser to enable him to have a nap. Most times he ends up with a bottle of whisky, Gin etc. 

Alcohol gives the same effect as a sleeping tablet. It slows down one’s brain activities, which sends signals to the heart to pump less blood to the brain.

As 144,000 shall inherit heaven: so shall the meek inherit the earth

According to the culture of the Igbo people (Ndigbo) of West Africa, when a man dies he goes to neither heaven nor hell. He will reincarnate (born-again into the world) to face the good or the bad he perpetrated in his previous life.

AMADIOHA (Africa’s god of thunder and lightening) has visited bigoted Trump and his America

It was Hurricane Harvey, followed by Hurricane Irma, and on its way is hurricane Jose, all originating from the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic Ocean is synonymous with the transatlantic slave trade. The route African slaves were shipped to the Americas. 

Ome N’ala Igbo (Igbo/African Tradition) is a Religion

Religion; “a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects.” -

Let me simply put it this way – religion is a way of life. This being the case, just like any other agreement, laws, and punishments are usually put in place to enforce the agreed beliefs – do this; don’t do that.

A Woman Marries A Man In European/Christian Tradition, Man Marries A Woman In Igbo/African Traditions – The Fallout

Ephesians 5:31 of the Christian bible states; - "…a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh." This is purely European tradition.

Therefore, if a man leaves his father and mother to join his wife, it invariably means that he has left his father’s house to go and live with his wife in her own house. The woman has married him.

God Created Diversity And He’s Not Stupid

‘Why do black people tend to have big lips and white people seem to have small lips?’ I came across this question from an online forum, but I cannot recall exactly where.

Well, another person on the same forum responded; ‘because it’s natural…; it's like asking why the sky is blue and the grass is green.’

If Thou Shall Not Judge How Shall Thou Forgive?

President Vladimir Putin of Russia was quoted to have said; "to forgive the terrorists is up to God, but to send them to Him is up to me".

Even though President Putin may not have made that statement, this is one such online statement that the author remains unproven but has gone viral.

African (Igbo) Tradition As Contained In Psalm 7

Like Jose Mourinho – Chelsea football manager would say: “There are fights that you cannot win”, especially when it appears that everything and everybody is against you.

This type of fight could come from conspirators that for reasons unknown to you initiate false charges against you. 

And since nobody is willing to plead your cause, you are thereby convicted as charged.

My Forefather’s Encounter at the Gates of Heaven

Suddenly, a very loud trumpet sounded. The bones of the dead started rising from their graves and humanity started running helter-skelter.

A certain man stopped and asked; what is happening? 

An overconfident Christian man replied; Jesus has come to judge the dead and the living.

Soon after, a long queue was formed towards a cloudy direction where Jesus was supposedly sitting on his throne judging the people. 

A man behind me in hysteria asked; where is my son? 

eBible Fellowship: the world will end on 7/October/2015 – but the world didn’t end.

African Customary Marriage: The Misinterpretation of Bride Price

The customary marriage of Pres Zuma's daughter
a typical Southern African traditional marriage.
Photo source: WEHNAM

Uganda’s Supreme Court recently ruled that the refund of the bride price after a divorce is unconstitutional. The judges stated that the practice should be banned because it seemed that women are being traded in a marketplace. But the same judges also agreed that the bride price itself is constitutional.

In Ome N’ala: A son is not responsible for his Father’s debts if:-

Is Homosexuality Alien to Africa?

The majority of Africans all over the world have been making a lot of noise about the legalization of Gay marriage by the US Supreme Court.

Slavery and Colonialism Were The Purpose of Christianity

While disagreeing with my article titled; Slavery and Colonialism: the purpose of Christianity, a commentator pointed out that ‘Christianity existed way before British/American slave owners used it for their own twisted advantages.’

Slavery and Colonialism: The Purpose of Christianity - The Religion of the Oppressors

Ikenga - Igbo Deity
I was born into a Christian family (Methodist) while my secondary education was at a Methodist college. As you can see, I was brought up as a Methodist.

Though my father practised Christianity it was not the religion of his father. My grandfather practised Ome N’ala Igbo (Igbo traditional religion).

Then, why didn’t my father and his generation follow the religion of their fathers? The answer is simply that the British colonialists asked them not to. 

The British brainwashed them into believing that any religion other than Christianity was and is still – idol worshipping.

The Syncretic African Pastor

Uncle: NZE! Happy Father’s Day in advance!
Papa: What does that mean?
Uncle: A day Christians set aside to celebrate fathers.

A Father’s Encounter With His Christian son (5)

Son: Papa; the way by which you worship your God can only be characterised as idol worshipping.
Papa: How do you think we worship Chineke?
Son: You worship your God by bowing down to idols.

A Father’s Encounter With His Christian son (4)

Uncle: Chief; are you in the house?
Papa: Please don't call me Chief. I am NZE . 
Uncle: Oh! I thought they both mean title holders?

A Father’s Encounter With His Christian Son (3)

Uncle: But our Ome N'ala Igbo (Igbo Traditional Religion) is very similar to Judaism, the religion of the Jews. So, in some ways, IGBO must be related to the Jews.

A Father’s Encounter with his Christian son (2)

PAPA: So what did Paul teach the Greeks about God that they didn’t already know?
UNCLE: Please ask our Born Again, the Pastor, and the General Overseer…

A Father’s Encounter With His Christian Son (1)

SON: Papa; you know that I love you very much. You have done so much for me in this life that I will forever remain grateful. But there is one final favour that I need from you.

Owl: A Satanic Bird or A Beautiful Bird?

Africans and Igbo people of west Africa in particular, believe that Owls are satanic birds. The main reason why they have this belief, in my opinion, is because Owls operate at nights. Moreover, the sight of a bird that can turn its neck 270 degrees, can be very scary.

New Yam Festival In Igbo Land: Offering First-Fruit To The Deity Called NJOKU

courtesy of iStock
Every August is a period when the Igbo people (Nigeria) of West Africa have their most important celebration - the New Yam Festival, known as Iri-Ji or Ike-Ji in the Igbo language. Ji means Yam in English. And before the exploits of Christianity, the new yam festival was the “Christmas of Igbo people”.