Hell Is Earth, Heaven Is Death
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Prostate Gland Enlargement: What To Do

Every man is born with a prostate gland. And the gland enlarges as the man gets older. This is normal. However, every prostate gland enlarges differently in every man.

A Black Man/African Is Easily Brainwashed

If a black man/African is not being brainwashed by a freedom fighter (supposed), he is brainwashed by an Imam (Islam) or a Pastor (Christianity) or a Politician.

We cannot think for ourselves. We allow a freedom fighter to think for us, and nobody must question the ‘saviour’.

We allow our Imam or our Pastor to tell us how to live our lives, even when to sleep with your wives. You must not question the man of god to avoid pestilence befalling you.

“In every ending there is a new beginning.” - Deborah Harkness:

No matter whatever the mouth says, Oh Lord, you know what the heart means.

Last night (7/4/21) I slept like a baby. And in the morning (8/4/21) I woke up feeling like a new-born. But this man feeling like a new-born was born well over 50 years ago. Does that make me a ‘born-again’?

The answer may lie in the knowing that, perhaps, I have never known what living like a baby feels like. I was born an adult baby, and so, I started living like an adult as a baby.

You Fight Communication Crimes With Communication Equipment

Every Nigerian administration, and particularly the Buhari’s administration, is quick in announcing policy directives without analysing the impact the new policy would have on the citizens, and on the economy.

During the Jonathan’s administration, all mobile networks in Nigeria were mandated to register their SIM card subscribers on their database.

Death From COVID-19: Italy v. Germany Experience – A Lesson for Nigeria.

A lot of old people have died from Covid-19 in Italy and Spain than in Germany and other European countries. Some experts have investigated the situation to determine why it is so. 

Their study shows as follows. 
In Italy, old people live with their families. In Germany, old people live on their own. 

Young people go to nightclubs, pubs, etc. where they contract the virus. 

In Italy, young people return home to infect their grandpas and grandmas living with them. 

In Germany, young people from clubs, pubs, etc won’t be going home to their grannies, thus the grannies are safe to an extent.

In Britain, which has similar family lifestyle like Germany, the British PM (Boris Johnson) warned Britons not to visit their old parents this past mothering Sunday.

However, in the circumstance that people live with their parents, precaution takes precedent. For instance, a British nurse, who was living with her mother in-law in their family home, rented a temporary accommodation as a precaution.

Now, in Nigeria, people live with their old parents like in Italy and Spain. If you follow Italy’s situation, that’s what is likely to happen in Nigeria. Young people are going to bring the virus back home that will eventually attack their grannies.

Old people and everyone that has existing medical condition are at risk. Therefore, what are the plans to safeguard these people? As usual; none.

Instead, the ‘poor masses’ are busy on social media mocking politicians for not building hospitals. This is not the time for post-mortem - why politicians didn’t build hospitals, this is the time to save lives, especially, the lives of your old parents at home.

The time you spent on mocking politicians, use it to educate the people. Let them know that healthy young people will contract covid-19 without showing the symptoms. And since they are unaware that they have the virus, they will quickly spread it to their old parents/grannies at home.

It is not everybody that contracted the virus that will require treatment or ventilator. But if your situation deteriorates, seek medical help. Prince Charles has been diagnosed with covid-19, he is not in any hospital, but in isolation at his home.

There’s self-isolation because after 14 days in isolation, if the disease didn’t progress, you become immune to it and cannot infect another person. Covid-19 is not a death sentence but may be for your old folks. They need your protection now.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is not following other countries’ methods of battling Covid-19. Perhaps, because Nigerian leaders who are supposed to lead have all contracted Covid-19 and are in isolation.

~liberate your mind

Eye For Eye Or Turn The Other Cheek

Matthew 5:38-39 quoted Jesus as follows: ”You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and a tooth for a tooth. But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”

MONEY: The Root Of All Evil?

Once upon a time (familiar storyline), there were 3 characters: Big-Heart (BH), Little-Heart (LH), and Mr. President. 

Big-Heart (BH) was a confident man who believed that one day the president of his country will visit him. This visit didn’t come as soon as he expected, but he never despaired as he was optimistic that Mr. President must visit him.

Alcohol + Redbull Energy Drink = System Crash

A Genius seldom sleeps because his brain is constantly active. He seeks some form of tranquiliser to enable him to have a nap. Most times he ends up with a bottle of whisky, Gin etc. 

Alcohol gives the same effect as a sleeping tablet. It slows down one’s brain activities, which sends signals to the heart to pump less blood to the brain.